Catalogs  for our Industrial Switch Products and Transportation Switch Products are here in one location for your convenience.
Each catalog can also be found on the product specific page.

Industrial Switch Products Catalogs

Rotary Selector and Instrument Control Switches - Series 26
Selector and Instrument Control - Lighted and Non-lighted Switches Part Numbering System
Selector and Instrument Control - Lighted and Non-lighted Switches Contact Development Blank
Lock-Out Relays - Series 26
Lock Out Relays Lighted and Non-Lighted Part Numbering System
Lock Out Relay Lighted and Non-Lighted Contact Development- Blank
Time Delay Relay For Arch Flash Protection - Series 26
Control Switch Relay (CSR) - Series 26
Latching Switch Relay (LSR) - Series 16
Detent Action Rotary Switches - Series 16
Instrument Switches - Series 16
Key Operated Switches - Series 16
Auxiliary Switches, 16 Amps - Series 1
Snap Action Rotary Switches, 30 Amp - Series 3
Open Frame Rotary Switches

Transportation Switch Products Catalogs

Battery Switches and Battery Disconnects Brochure
Battery Switches and Disconnects - 500 Series
Bi-Stable Relay DC Power Brochure
Bi-Stable Latching Relay - "BR" Series
Mono-stable Relay DC Power Brochure
Mono-Stable Relay - "MR" Series
Lockout-Tag Out Relay - "LT" Series
DC Circuit Protection Technical Guide
DC Circuit Protection - DutySafe Breaker
Power Rocker Switch Spec Sheet
Power Rocker Switch Wiring Diagram
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