Industrial Switch Products and Transportation Products

Designed and manufactured in the USA to serve the Power Generation and Distribution Industries, our product offerings include Lock-Out Relays, Instrument Control Switches, Detented Power Switches, Breaker Control Switches, Snap-action Rotary Switches, Time Delay Breaker Control Switches, and Cam Switches. All of our switches conform to industry standards.

Designed and manufactured in the USA to serve the Automotive and Transportation Industries, Shallco’s products include Battery Disconnect Relays,   Bi-Stable Latching Relays, Mono-stable Relays, Battery Disconnect Switches, DC Power Protection, Duty Cycle Protection for low voltage and high current, Power Rocker Switches, DutySafe Breakers. Designed to meet industry standards.


Shallco, Inc. is a quality manufacturer of custom, military, and standard grade switches. We offer the best possible solutions, delivered on time at competitive prices. Let us help you make the SWITCH today.


Shallco not only provides an extensive list of catalog items, but can also design new products for your application needs.

Our design staff has the skill and tools to create the best possible solutions for all of your unique applications.


From machining to packaging, Shallco holds quality to the highest standards.

Our internal processes provide you the peace of mind that your equipment is outfitted with the best in the business.

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