Circuit Breaker Control Switch – Series 26

Our Circuit Breaker Control Switch provides modular decks so that any number of custom configurations may be developed to meet a wide variety of applications. For non-standard configurations (or mixed configurations).

30A/ 600 VAC continuous
Contacts: Break-Before-Make or Make-Before-Break
Action: Spring return to center after TRIP or CLOSE.
Stationary Contacts: Silver over Copper, Name plates, Terminal, Mounting and stop screws supplied with switch in addition to knob and Engraved mounting plate.  Double wiping, knife type rotors.

Circuit Breaker Control Switches function as their name implies – they control the operation of an industrial circuit breaker.  The Circuit Breaker Control Switch typically has two sets of momentary contacts –Trip Contacts and Close contacts with a spring return of the switch shaft to the normal (center) position after operation of the breaker.

Shallco Circuit Breaker Control Switches can also be configured with contacts that depict that an operation has been performed.  These contacts latch either after the Trip function or the Close function and are referred to as slip contacts.  These usually provide indication to the operator that the state of the breaker has changed.

Shallco Circuit Breaker Control Switches have mechanical targets that are Red and Green and indicate the state of the breaker.  These Circuit Breaker Control Switches can be supplied with a Lighted Panel that can be wired to indicate an event.   SCADA monitoring circuits are inclusive in the lighted panel and can be used for numerous audio or lighted signal indications based on the circuit input.

These Circuit Breaker Control Switches are available Push and Pull to operate handles to prevent unintentional operation and modular plugs to minimize wiring.

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