Load Monitoring Disconnect

Introducing the NEW Shallco Vehicle battery Load Monitoring Disconnect, designed and manufactured in USA.

US Patent No.: 11,196,245

Customizable design as a single solution for continuous operation without impairing installed system components consisting of fuses, breakers, and switches.  Operation outside the normal boundaries starts a time to trip curve.  Simply, higher currents equal shorter time.

Reduces the chances of electrical fire.
Easy to install  square mounting pattern.
Includes a manual battery disconnect switch.
Manual reset button to return to normal operation.
Hi-Vis LED Normal Trip Operation Indicators.

Technical Data
Temperature Range: -40°C to +50°C (-40°F to 122°F)
Environmental Sealing:  IP65 (IEC-60529)
Shock:  6G, (11ms, Saw Tooth)
Vibration:  4G (SAE-1455 10Hz to 2,000Hz

Electrical Characteristics:
Minimum Insulation Resistance:  100MΩ
Dielectric Withstanding Voltage:  1,025V / 1 min.
Voltage Drop:  200mVDC (Normal Operation).
Overload:  1,500 Amps 1 sec.
Continuous Current Rating:  75 Amps @ 85°C Ambient.
Time to Trip: (Approximate)

14 sec. – 300 Amps
17 sec. – 270 Amps
23 sec. – 250 Amps
31 sec. – 220 Amps
98 sec. – 170 Amps
126 sec. – 150 Amps
268 sec. – 130 Amps
5,647 sec. – 100 Amps
15,505 sec. – 80 Amps
+86,400 sec. – 75 Amps

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