Lock-Out Relay, LOR – Series 26 – Push To Test

Shallco Series 26 Lockout Relay LOR (86 Relay – Master Trip) has a continuous rating of 30A @ 600 VAC

  • 2 position, stops factory set for “Trip” and “Reset”
  • 1 to 10 sections standard (for other options contact factory)
  • Up to 20 sets of N.O. and 20 sets of N.C. Contacts
  • Contacts: Break-Before-Make
  • Action: 45 Degree Positive Detent
  • Stationary Contact: Silver over Copper
  • Nameplates, terminal screws, and mounting screws supplied with switch

The Series 26 86 Relay has UL and cUL (Canadian) Recognition (Underwriter’s Laboratory File #E208327)

General Operation:

  • The handle of the LOR must be manually rotated clockwise to place the unit in the “Rest” position.
  • When the circuit closes, the coil causes a mechanical rotation of the relay resulting in the switch rotor advance to the “Trip” position shown.
  • When the circuit opens back, the SCADA circuit will remain closed until the LOR is rotated back into the Reset position.

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