Latching Switch Relay (LSR) – Series 26

30A/ 600 VAC continuous

25A/120 VAC
15A/600 VAC
3A/125 VDC
1A/250 VDC

Contacts: Break-Before-Make or Make-Before-Break
Action: Maintained in two separate positions. Stationary Contacts: Silver over Copper, Name plates, Terminal, Mounting and stop screws supplied with switch in addition to knob and Engraved mounting plate.  Double wiping, knife type rotors.

Available Operation Voltages:  48 and 125 VDC

The Shallco Series 26 Latching Switch Relay (LSR)  is an electrically operated auxiliary selector switch (ANSI Device 43) for both manual and remote operation.  The LSR provides numerous NO and NC maintained contacts depending on the utility or industrial switchgear application.

The Latching Switch Relay (LSR) is supplied with an engraved phenolic or lighted escutcheon plate.  The lighted plate can be configured with single or dual Supervisory control and data acquisition (scada) outputs.   LED’s come in an assortment of colors…..Red, Green, Yellow, White and Blue.

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