Auxiliary Switches, 16 Amps (Series 1)

MOC and TOC Auxiliaries are used extensively in the power industry by equipment manufacturers and utilities for the most reliable operation available providing both breaker operating and switchgear monitoring circuits.

General Information:

  • Shallco auxiliary (52 MOC and 52 TOC) switches have a continuous rating of 25 amperes at 600 VAC
  • 1 to 20 Sections are available
  • Double wiping contacts for applications with significant vibration and shock environments
  • 90º operation with various lever couplings
  • Available with screw or quick connect terminals

The Series 1 Auxiliary (MOC AND TOC) has UL and cUL (Canandian) Recognition (Underwirter’s Laboratory FIle #E124063)

Interrupting Ratings: 16 Amperes, 250 VAC 16 Amperes, 250 VDC 7.5 Amperes, 600 VAC

Overload Current (50 operations) 90A/600 VAC

Contact resistance: 10 Milliohms max. (initial)

Dielectric strength: 2200V RMS

Insulation resistance: 100 Meg ohms

Product Specifications

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