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DC Circuit Protection

Power Rocker Switches

Rocker Switch and DutySafe JPB High current, momentary, shunting, polarity reversing switch.
Materials and Finishes:
Contacts: OFHC Copper All other Parts: Thermoplastic
Duty Cylce Rating: 70 Amps @ 10%
Voltage: 12 Vdc
Continuous Rating - 10 Amperes
Dielectric: 1000 rms
Contact Resistance: Initial, 5 Milliohms max.
Insulation Resistance: 1000 Megaohms.

Water Resistant Design
Mechanical Life: 25,000 Cycles

Product Specifications

Duty cycle protection for low voltage, high current DC motors

DutySafe Breaker QC and 50A JP
A combination of a bi-metal breaker and PTC's (in parallel) and in series with the breaker. Combines two time/temperature devices into a package designed to protect motors, switches and wiring (a motorized system) from faults while allowing use within a designed duty cycle. The package is heat resistant and designed to contain heat generated by the PTC's in a tripped state in a safe environment. The package also serves to control the cooling cycles for added protection.

Product Specifications