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Our New Product Development Staff is focused on solutions, even if it takes starting from a clean sheet of paper.

Switch Mechanical Assembly


Let us design and build your unique electro-mechanical assemblies.

Used extensively in the power industry by equipment manufacturers and utilities.
Up to 30 Amps/600 VAC.
Up to 20 sets of NO and NC contacts


Detented Power Switches
15 amp

8 Position Rotary Switches
Single hole mount, Spring return Single hole mount and Key Operated Switches


Detented Power Switches
30 amp

Numerous Utility and Switchgear manufacturing applications.
600 VAC/ 30 Amp Continuous.
2 thru 8 positions, adjustable.
1 to 10 sections.
1 to 20 poles.
Standard and Custom Circuits .
Lighted Escutcheon Plates Available.

Power Rocker Switches – High current, momentary, shunting, polarity reversing switch.
Across the Line Motor Starter Switch – Pendant Station – 6.8 Amps 125 VAC

Duty cycle protection for low voltage, high
current DC motors.


Precision Rotary Switch Products

These products are manufactured of premium grade materials selected to withstand moderate environments and provide reliable service.

30 amp

Snap-Action Power

These assemblies comprise of electrically insulated stators and rotors as an integral assembly with a drive that indexes the rotors in 90 degree increments.

30 amp

Audio Attenuators and Networks

Standard for over 50 years.
Step type rotary
Choice of broadcast industry.

Auxiliary Switches


These devices are used extensively in the power industry by equipment manufacturers and utilities for the most reliable operation available.

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